And the award for world’s worst blogger goes to …

The answer is me and I cannot apologize to my followers enough for that! Life has been insane lately with a lot of changes happening in my life as well as a few other things.

First off I am officially a graduate of my program as of April and out of school forever! Unfortunately I still do not have a job in my field but the job market in Ontario is abysmal right now so I just have to keep plugging.

Rather than working in my field I am currently working in a Sales position at my local mall in a shoe store. The money is meh but the hours are good and my co-workers are darling! Fun fact I went from a part-timer to a Key Holder to a Shift Leader from starting there in July.

In other news I have been driving since January now, so that was one of my resolutions fulfilled!

But enough with the excuses, time to talk about things to come! First off, I will be finishing my list of top 10 styles – starting today with number 2! I also have tumblr_nntsvrsign1thftmqo1_500plans of finishing the anime challenge and hopefully starting a new one. Reviews will also be returning including a review of the upcoming POKEMON GAME (fangirl squee) and of a phone app that I am so addicted to.

Anyway, thank you for all of your patience and without further ado – let the blogging resume … again!