Technikitty’s Top 10 Styles: 1

We have seen the flowey elegance off Dark Mori, the kooky grace of Dolly Kei, the colours of Pastel Goth, the sweetness of Country Lolita, the unusual combinations of Bittersweet Lolita, the mature grace of Classic Lolita, the demure look of Otome Kei, the elegance of Goth and the playful sexuality of Rockabilly and now it is time for my number one style! Number one combines aspects of quite a few of my top 9 styles, which makes sense since each of these styles contain aspects that I like.

So may I present to you, at long last (way long – bad blogger bad) my number one style – Vintage Chic!

Origin: Unknown – likely Western

Colour Scheme: Up to the wearer

Inspiration: 1900’s fashion styles

Popular Clothing Items: Peter pan collared shirts, printed dresses, circle skirts, beret style has

What: ‘Vintage Chic’, ‘Librarian Chic’, ‘Vintage Hipster’, ‘Nerd Chic’ and even ‘Granny Chic’ are all names used as tags when describing or looking up this style online. Despite the changes in the name, they always describe the same type of style: someone who likes to incorporate vintage style pieces with more readily available items to create a unique look than is inspired by another era.

Most commonly fans of this style seem to lean towards the 1930’s all the way through to the 1960’s, though some people even incorporate Flapper elements into their wardrobe, particularly for evening events. Stores like Modcloth and Unique Vintage have capitalized on this growing fashion trend by offering more and more styles that feature both kischy and more classic styles to suit a wide array of fans.

Common items spotted in this style include:

  • Peter pan collared shirts and dresses
  • Cardigans of any length
  • Full circle skirts, either with or without petticoats and in a variety of lengths
  • Complete freedom in hair as far as colour and style
  • A combination of accessories such as hats, scarves and other pieces

Now that I have graduated school and I am working towards a career, I have been trying to ‘mature’ my wardrobe but without giving up my own unique taste. After a lot of experimenting with a number of different styles, I finally settled on going more Vintage. Not only is this style elegant and mature, but it also helps me express my history obsession in a way that doesn’t  involve running around in a full Victorian Gown.

Not shockingly, for Christmas this year my list contains mostly vintage inspired skirts and dresses since I find it easier to buy tops in mainstream stores where I can try them on and make sure my girls fit.

What I Like:  This is a style for ALL! Anyone can create a Vintage Chic outfit that makes them feel awesome and it shows! Tumblr, Lookbook, Pinterest and Youtube have blown up with outfit ideas that offer up ideas on how to combine a variety of items to make adorable outfits! You will literally find fans of this style in all walks of life with all sorts of interests

Vintage-able (I just made up a word) items are becoming more and more common in


Polyvore set created by dathacurtis

mainstream fashion, making this style easy to achieve on a low budget, though I must admit if you want to get some really nice staples such as a good vintage inspired dress or certain styles of skirts, you may have to shell out a little more. However, as this style is getting more popular, it is getting easier to find cheaper options.

What I Don’t Like: This isn’t as much of something I do not like as much as just something I have noted and that is that when in this style you have to walk a fine line between remaining elegant and getting kitschy, or even costume-y. To many kitschy patterns and you end up in Rockabilly or even Goth territory while staying TOO vintage in your styling almost puts you into costume territory.

Ultimately it is the creativity, elegance and ease of this style that won me over to this style!

That is it folks! I am now done my top 10 favorite styles! Hmmm … what should I do next for a list.


Technikitty’s Top 10 Styles: 2

I have now returned to finish what I have started – aka the ‘Technikitty’s Top 10 Styles’ list. Ironically, my break from this has given fruit to a new top two! Originally number two was going to be ‘Casual Lolita’ but from my break I have discovered that my number one is actually my number two! Giving way to a whole new number one to be revealed tomorrow!

Without further ado time to rock out with Rockabilly in my number 2 spot!

Origin: USA

Colour Scheme: Black, white and primary colours – this style does not use pastels

Inspiration: The 50’s and 60’s

Popular Clothing Items: Full skirts, pencil skirts, blouses, jeans

What: To really get Rockabilly, you first have to understand its music. Like Goth and Punk, Rockabilly is a very music based subculture that is based around the musical style of the same name. As a genre of music, Rockabilly “is a one of the earliest styles of rock and roll music, and emerged in the early-1950’s. The term “rockabilly” is a portmanteau of “rock,” from rock and roll, and “hillbilly”, the latter a reference to the country music”. Taking this into account it can be noted that Rockabilly fashion has both country and rock esthetics with a liberal amount of 1950’s kitsch thrown in.

Rockabilly is a widely popular style throughout the western world with large communities based around beauty pageants, music festivals, car shows and other sorts of festivals making it, like Goth, a very social style.

Common elements seen in Rockabilly fashion include:

  • Low cut tops with halter or sweetheart necklines
  • Red, Blonde or black hair with blunt bangs
  • Dramatic cat eye makeup and red lips
  • Pencil skirts or swing skirts with full petticoats
  • Polka dots, animal print and nautical designs

My closet has a lot of Rockabilly styled clothing in it due to my fondness for online shopping and the fact that in the KW area there is a great rockabilly themed clothing store that has great prices on all of the things my wardrobe adores.

What I Like: Rockabilly is a style that is very figure friendly, meaning that women of all sizes will find an outfit that they feel great in. Like to show a little booty? Wear some short shorts. Like being able to spin like a Princess? Go for a. Not a fan of showing cleavage? Go for a Turtleneck look or try a band t-shirt. Like to show off the girls? Go for a sweetheart neckline or halter! Not a skirt kind of girl? Rockabilly is all about the classic blue jean. There really is something for anyone.


Polyvore set created by linding

Another aspect of the Rockabilly style I love is just how social its followers all are! They run blogs, YouTube pages, attend events to share their love of both the fashion and style. They love talking about the fashion and its culture and are very willing to share their information with newbies.

What I Don’t Like: The rockabilly fashion is a very SET look with distinct hairstyles and makeup. Without these items, you fall more into my number one fashion style and because of this Rockabilly can be hard to really get into when you suck at hair styling like my butt does – my hair cannot hold a curl to save its life.

Rockabilly is also a very summery style and though many will include cardigans in cooler weather, it is just not practical for Canadian weather. No shockingly this style is super popular in the southern USA (particularly Vegas and California) as well as in Australia. Canada … not so much.

So that’s Rockabilly in a nutshell – join me tomorrow for the grand finale!

And the award for world’s worst blogger goes to …

The answer is me and I cannot apologize to my followers enough for that! Life has been insane lately with a lot of changes happening in my life as well as a few other things.

First off I am officially a graduate of my program as of April and out of school forever! Unfortunately I still do not have a job in my field but the job market in Ontario is abysmal right now so I just have to keep plugging.

Rather than working in my field I am currently working in a Sales position at my local mall in a shoe store. The money is meh but the hours are good and my co-workers are darling! Fun fact I went from a part-timer to a Key Holder to a Shift Leader from starting there in July.

In other news I have been driving since January now, so that was one of my resolutions fulfilled!

But enough with the excuses, time to talk about things to come! First off, I will be finishing my list of top 10 styles – starting today with number 2! I also have tumblr_nntsvrsign1thftmqo1_500plans of finishing the anime challenge and hopefully starting a new one. Reviews will also be returning including a review of the upcoming POKEMON GAME (fangirl squee) and of a phone app that I am so addicted to.

Anyway, thank you for all of your patience and without further ado – let the blogging resume … again!


Anime North 2016 Pre-con Survey

Hey my freaky darlings! With Anime North 2016 only 6 days away (I am counting Friday as a day) it is time to create the annual Anime North Pre-Con Survey!

I ended up combining a few questions due to their similar topics.

What’s your name?

Katrina, this is also the name I place on my badge along with my last name. We pre-registered like usual and also decided to pay the wee fee to get them mailed out and after a mistake on Anime North’s part, ended up with our two badges but a few days a part. Long story short it will be nice to be able to write my badge in something other than the Anime North markers of messy doom.

What do you like to be called?

I usually go by Katrina but I will respond to Kat, Kitty, Technikitty, ‘hey you’ or I will respond to the names of whoever I am cosplaying.

 Where are you staying?

This will be my sixth year staying at the International by Hilton Hotel. Extra note, I absolutely LOVE the new owners of the hotel they are a thousand times more organized than those who ran the Doubletree and haven’t lost our reservation once!

 What day are you getting there?

It is my family tradition to leave home around 12:30 on Friday hit up a Timmies to get travel nom (sadly my potential noms for this year have been greatly diminished due me developing a Milk sensitivity), this year I am thinking a Strawberry Shortcake donut and a drink of sorts (I might pre-purchase a soy drink to bring with me).

Then we go barrelling down the 401 blaring the Pokemon Theme (Original and Johto) as well as ‘Everything is Awesome’, various Disney songs, and the ending song from ‘Wreck-it-Ralph’.

Usually we get caught in traffic but we are cheery folk who tend to take life from a half-full standpoint and enjoy the time we get to spend with each other chatting pre-con.

How long are you staying?

We tend to stay from around 1:30 on Friday to about 2 PM on Sunday. Usually by Sunday we are tired and ready for a non-hotel shower and a rest. Plus by Sunday we have done all of our shopping

Fun fact a lot of people say that the best deals are on Sunday but I tend to get deals all weekend by being sweet and having a large chest (I once got a Living Dead Doll originally set at $50 for $30 just because the vendor liked my smile).

Will you be cosplaying? What days? As whom?

To be honest I very rarely stick with a set plan for what day I wear my cosplays. For me my plans are usually based on the temperature of the day as well as when certain photoshoots are being held. This year I am not doing Cosplay Chess due to Anime North not organizing it in a timely enough manner so my only main event will be the Pokemon Photoshoot on both Friday and Saturday. I may see if my sister wants to go to the Smash Brothers shoot but we’ll see.Ribbet collage

This year I will likely be wearing my 50’s Jigglypuff Gijinka on Friday because I need to keep it ironed and putting the dress in my suitcase would kill it!

Saturday Morning I am leaning towards wearing my Star Wars Zabrak OC and then I will change just after lunch back to Jigglypuff for the Pokemon Photoshoot I am hosting.

Both nights I will likely change into Super Sonico as it is really more of a cooler temperature cosplay.

Sunday I have really not decided on yet so I will just go with whatever I feel like. Maybe I will wear a variant Sonico as I am bringing another dress I could wear for her.

Who will you hang out with at the con?

I always go to conventions with my sister though we may end up running into one (or two) of my sister’s friends or even my girl Hatter.

Fun fact, I refer to all of my friends as Batman villains to my sister to help her keep track of who I am talking about. Hatter is my fellow nerd friend who loves hats and ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and I know she is going to AN this year so I may run into her at some point.

Extra fun fact my code name is Scarecrow.

Are you attending any panels?

Anime North has some pretty interesting Panels organized for this year. You have everything from the classic ‘let’s talk about our favorite series’ to neat new ideas such as ‘Anime vs. Science’. Last year a lot of people were very annoyed due to a large number of non-anime panels but this year their whining was ignored and we got panels for series like ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Orange is the New Black’. They also created a lot of lifestyle based panels such as ‘Otaku Health Goals’ and ‘Japan on a Budget’, so there really should be something for everyone this year.

So far we are leaning towards checking out ‘Unpopular Opinions’ at 11PM in the Plaza Ballroom because frankly I LOVE drama and ‘Most Embarrassing Behaviour: Lolita Pose Off’ at 9PM on Saturday.

Staying in the International is pretty great for attending panels as you can just grab the elevator downstairs, catch your panel, and schlub back to your room. The only ones the International does not host are the gaming ones and the Yaoi ones (but we all know how much I LOVE the Yaoi fandom).

Are you attending/participating in any public performances? (i.e Masquerade)?

As I stated, my sister and I have participated in Cosplay Chess on and off since 2009 but this year we will not be participating as. For those of you who have no idea

Will you be attending any raves / Will you be partying at the con / Do you drink at cons?

I chose to put these three questions together as I feel that they are all very similar in topic: Con partying!

Anime North raves are pretty infamous for being quite tame in comparison to a lot of other conventions and many even say that that was the reason Atomic Lollipop, aka the party con, was created. However, for me Raves are still a place of drunken annoyingness and a draw for the younger more immature crowd of AN. So that is a big N-O good buddy.

Life is just a big party for someone who lives life with a positive attitude but I will not be participating in any ‘classic’ style partying – though one year I did get invited to a party by a hyper Jiraiya who barged into my unlocked hotel room my very first year at AN and was scared off my con mates Mom who was quick to point out that we were underage before he was dragged off by his girlfriend who was cosplaying Tsunade. True story.

As for drinking … I don’t drink so that is a big no. I can’t even be a milkaholic this year due to my new milk sensitivity.

Can I talk to you/ Are you nice?

No you may not talk to me you dirty peasants! Can’t you see I am a big mean tsundere! In all seriousness of course you can, my sister and I are both very social people who love chatting with other nerdlings about various topics. Plus in all seriousness I am more of the dojikko or deredere type … the guys in my Anime Club referred to me as their ‘moe girl’.

As for ‘am I nice’ I have been told that I am quite a lovely person

How can I find you?

You won’t. I will find YOU! In all seriousness though there really is no way to actually find me at a con. I don’t constantly tweet or facebook my position since I do have a few stalkers I would prefer to avoid.

Can I buy you drinks/ Can I give you stuff/ Can I snuggle with you?

To be brutally honest I would prefer if you kept your money for yourself! But if you have cosplayer or blog cards you would like to give me I would be happy to take one!

As for hugs as long as you ask I am all for a hug for the most part but if you have bodypaint on I will likely refuse to protect my cosplays. No offense meant of course. The same goes for photos, as long as you ask I will be happy to pose either with or for you.

What/where will you be eating /Can I come with you for food/fun/etc?

Hmm well breakfast we always bring with us, though sometimes we do grab something from Starbucks. My sister and I always save a good chunk of money for AN so that we can not only buy stuff but food as well so we do tend to eat out most of the weekend.

As for ‘can you join us’ as long as my sister is okay with it that should be just fine. As little girls we were both excluded a lot from things or ended up as ‘third wheels’ to groups so we do tend to be very careful to ensure that when we add a third person that neither of us get left out of the conversation.

What are you looking to buy?Ribbet collage3

To be honest I really don’t have much of a set wish list for this year. Usually I do but this year I only have two things that I absolutely want to get and both are ironically of the same character! I want to pick up the new Joker Nendoroid and an Arkham-verse Joker funko. Other than that I know I want to visit my favorite store ‘The Littlest Gift Boutique’ and see what I can see there (the cat loafs are pretty damn cute).

What’s your goal(s) for the con this year?

Have fun of course! Maybe meet some new people but otherwise I just want to have a good time with my sister.

Are you ready for Anime North?

I would say that I am 70% ready for Anime North. I still need to finish my Jigglypuff ears, brush my Sonico wig out and get my dress shortened. But as I am a jobless loser at this point I have time to do these things so I am not stressed.

I am however stressed about my Jigglypuff wig as it ISN’T IN YET! I had purchased one wig online but when it arrived it was too short for me (aka my hair shows) so I had to order a new one and it was set to arrive the 24th at the latest. Yay for cutting it close.

Guess whose Back!

So I failed on my fourth New Years resolution in a seriously hardcore sort of way. I had been hoping to post more but in truth I haven’t actually done any blogging since January 14th. That was five months ago.



My blog really got pushed to the back burner as I worked on all of my assignments and my final internship. Well it all has really paid off as I will be leaving this program with a 3.8 GPA (that is an A average) AND I have an interview in my own field on Monday (only been out of school for two weeks).

But now that I am able to get out of school and into the real world I am hoping that I will be able to at least become somewhat consistent in my blogging!

So please look forward to:

  • Anime North 2016
  • New reviews
  • The last 2 styles from my Top 10

Of course there will be more than just those posts so I hope you all keep reading!





Technikitty’s Top 10 Styles: 3

Ladies and gentlemen, boils and ghouls today we hit the top 3 fashion substyles and these styles are allllll western! Starting our top 3, we will be looking at a style that I fallen in and out of love with since Grade 7, though I suppose it could be argued that I have liked it even longer. May I present, Goth fashion.

Origin: Britain

Colour Scheme: Varies heavily, usually includes black

Inspiration: Punk fashion. Victorian and Elizabethan

Popular Clothing Items: Corsets, short skirts, long coats

What: Goth fashion was first spotted in England in the 1980’s as an offshoot of the punk genre.Unlike other substyles for the 80’s, Goth has proven to be able to stand the test of time and has some of the largest communities seen worldwide. Most people agree that the basic idea behind Goth fashion is 19th century Gothic Literature and horror films, though different substyles within Goth do exist, and they all have their own features and inspirations. Some of the substyles within Goth include:

  • Cyber-Goth
  • Victorian Goth
  • Glam Goth
  • Nu-Goth
  • Cabaret Goth
  • Deathrocker

Due to the amount of substyles within the Gothic fashion, many different people have joined this substyle of fashion, and unlike any of my previous substyles mentions, Goth attracts a really wide array of people from all walks of life.

Common elements seen in all of the Goth substyles include:

  • Chains or metal details
  • Corsets as both outer and underwear
  • Dark or unnaturally coloured hair
  • Elaborate makeup, usually with dark eyes and lips
  • Leggings and tights

Not shockingly I own a MASSIVE amount of Goth friendly clothing which varies from long black skirts, to corseted tops and in my program I am often referred to as ‘the Goth chick’, even though I really don’t consider myself a Goth. I just like the fashion and LOVE wearing black.

What I Like: Gothic fashion is a very widely known substyle of fashion that could almost be considered ‘common place’ in modern Western society. Because of this, Goth friendly clothing pieces can be found in most, if not all, average clothing stores, though you still often have to either DIY or go online for those finishing touches.


Polyvore set created by cupcakegoth

This in turn creates another item I like about Goth fashion, how creative it allows its wearers to be in regards to styling. There are really no set rules in regards to Goth fashion, so you can wear pretty much whatever YOU feel comfortable in, though this does have an issue in and of itself …

What I Don’t Like: As I do not consider myself a Goth, I am not a member of any Goth communities or anything, but a continuous issue I have heard is that Goths can be seriously judgmental of other Goth’s fashion choices and there tends to be a divide amongst the substyles within the culture.

The only other issue is more of a societal problem. A big issue people always encounter when wearing all black are strange questions. ‘Who died’, ‘Are you a Satanist’, and even ‘Are you depressed’ are all common questions faced by people who choose to wear Gothic fashion. It can get pretty tiring.

Well if thats Goth, then you’ve had it. Join me Saturday for number two!

Technikitty’s Top 10 Styles: 4

It is time to continue with the top 10 styles! I know I had promised to have one done by Saturday but my weekend ended up being crazy and I never had the chance to sit down and write a half-way decent blog post.

Anywho, so I mentioned in post 5 that style 4 would be another Lolita substyle, well after some consideration I ended up changing my top 4 lineup a bit and that lead to style 4 no longer being a Lolita substyle. However, this style does originate from Japan and does include many aspects of Lolita, so take from that what you may. Without further ado my I present, Otome Kei.

Origin: Japan

Colour Scheme: Varies widely

Inspiration: 50’s and 70’s

Popular Clothing Items: Peter Pan collar blouses and dresses, cardigans, cute tights, berets

What: Created in the 70’s, Otome Kei is a Japanese style that  focuses on looking lady-like and cute all at the same time and many of this styles outfits can easily be mistaken for Casual Lolita or even Classic Lolita. Unlike Lolita, Otome offers its wearers a lot of freedom in regards to length, prints, and level of poof giving the outfits a more comfortable feel, while still maintaining the cuteness of Lolita.

Otome Kei is only just starting to grow in popularity over here in the Western World and many Lolitas are turning Otome Kei into their ‘everyday’ wear.

Common elements seen in Otome Kei include:

  • Mixed patterns and motifs
  • High variation in level of poof seen in the skirts
  • Natural hair colours
  • A lot of Peter Pan collar dresses and blouses
  • A lot of hair accessories including bows and flowers


What I Like: What I really like about the Otome style is just how wearable it is for the Western world. A lot of Lolita styles take a lot of guts to wear in public, or simply cannot be worn in most places people spend their day to day lives. Otome however looks unique


Polyvore set created by Shirayukin

enough where you do not feel like you are following the crowd, but not so unique that you feel like a complete whack-a-do.

I also love the vintage esthetic of it. I really love the style of the 50’s and 70’s, so combining that with a somewhat dolly look is a-okay with me.

What I Don’t Like: Like Lolita, Otome Kei tends to run on the pricey size and can be very hard to fit when you have a curvier frame. Most of the Japanese brands used in Otome are made for women with slimmer hips and not nearly as much of a rack as I have been blessed with.

See you all tomorrow for a non-Japanese inspired style! (Crazy right?)