Geeky Etsy Shop – Nahmariell

Time for another Geeky Etsy Shop review (yay!)

Etsy is full of cosplay commissioners. It is pretty easy to find that extra little something that your are missing from your costume whether it be the ears for your Inu Yasha cosplay

However, sometimes finding less generic items can be a little harder. I am talking about when you are looking for stuff like Princess Celestia’s crown from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, or in my case, the wristbands that Ragnarok Scholars wear.

If I wanted the commissioner making my cosplay to create the bracelets it would have added close to $90 to my already pretty hefty commission price. So I headed to Etsy to see what I could find.

Not shockingly I didn’t find what I was looking for but I did find Dulcinea of Nahmariell: Crafts and Props, known on Facebook as Bearded Pegasus Forge.

Nahmariell creates some pretty impressive cosplay accessories.

Everything in my store is handcrafted from scratch: my crowns and necklaces come from large white sheets of plastic, and my gemstones are two part liquid resin at first, same for my ears and horns – I have sculpted my prototypes and I make final products from resin – the result is durable and lightweight items!

Nahmariell creates a variety of items ranging from jewellery to full costumes, though their Etsy story is definitely more My Little Pony based with quite a few items to put together a Pony gijinka.

The store has a five star rating, which definitely helped influence my decision, well that and the fact that they do not have a SINGLE negative comment.

The items I received were just awesome! Very well made, very durable. The hairclips look waaaay better than even the official ones. Thank you SO much! 🙂 Highly, highly recommended.

Like most cosplay items, the prices really vary and my bracelets ended up coming up to the reasonable price of $64.13. Not surprisingly though, the costumes run a little pricey due to the fact that, not only are they well made, but they come with EVERYTHING as can be seen on their Facebook page (I’ll put the link at the bottom).

Ribbet collage

Pictures from their Facebook group:

The shipping for items is $11.21 for the United States and $13.45 for everywhere else with added costs if you want to do shipping upgrades to get your item to you faster.

To check out her work go to her Etsy store at or check out their previous work on Facebook at

Happy Etsying!





Geeky Etsy Shop – Burrito Princess

I love Perler beads! They are so much fun and a really cute way to make great geeky items. I own an entire tub of them but I have had little time to actually work with them yet (hoping to change that over the break).

Perler beads are particularly popular amongst Etsy sellers who use them to make some absolutely adorable products, such as the ones made by Burrito Princess.

Ribbet collageAccording to the owner, whose name is Amber

I love to work with any craft items I can get my hands on, and I love to discover new things. Perler beads are by far my favorite thing to work with, and I’m always looking for new ways to ways to wear and display perler creations! I love music, concerts, video games (I grew up playing my mom’s Atari. Pitfall was my favorite game.), cats, and cute/nerdy/quirky/gorey things. I love making band necklaces as well.

Her items come in a variety of styles, though she has a particular fondness for Nintendo based games such as Legend of Zelda and Pokemon

She has a full 5 star listing and has received quite a few awesome reviews.

Great communication with the seller. Shipped in the time given. These will look great on my shoes for my geeky bachelorette party!

She only has a few negative reviews, most of which have to do with the picture frames having too small a frame and overly large pixel figures

Her prices really vary between item to item with the most expensive ones, being $16+ cake toppers.

Ribbet collage

As far as shipping prices it’s $3.82 for US buyers and $8.74 for everywhere else.

She also makes charm necklaces, primarily themed around band names and logos, books and movies. Price wise, they range between 16 and 13 dollars depending on the complexity of the product.

If you are interested in taking a look at her products go to

Happy Etsying!

Geeky Etsy Shop – Rooby Lane

I am a huge fan of circle skirts since not only are they flattering but they are adorable and fun as well so this Etsy shop immediately caught my attention.

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The store owner describes her passion and experience as thus:

“I have always enjoyed designing fabrics and clothing. I started out buying in the coolest quirkiest fabrics I could find and turning them into skirts.
I have been featured in quite a few magazines and newspapers and even spent a days filming Dragons Den! Which is a show about entrepreneurs here in the Uk.”

The owner, who goes as Rooby, creates these adorable skirts in a variety of sizes, including plus sizes and children with patterns ranging from Lord of the Rings to Marvel.  The skirts are primarily 19″ in length but in the description of the items she states that she can make them shorter or longer at the customers request.

In general the store has received a 5 star rating (out of 5) and reading the reviews reveals such positive reviews as:

“The first skirt I ordered was, unfortunately, lost in the post, but Rooby sent a replacement straight away and was always quick to reply. The skirt is even more lovely than the pictures show. I will definitely order from her again!”

The price of the item is pretty set with $80.63 being the most expensive and $62.71 at the cheapest and I am guessing it is the pattern that effects the price of the skirts.

She also sells scarves, pillows and petticoats which look awesome beneath her skirts.

Ribbet collage

I do not own anything from her personally but I have plans to buy from her in the future because frankly she has a lot of stuff that I need for so many reasons.

Go check out her work at: