Technikitty’s Top 10 Styles: 2

I have now returned to finish what I have started – aka the ‘Technikitty’s Top 10 Styles’ list. Ironically, my break from this has given fruit to a new top two! Originally number two was going to be ‘Casual Lolita’ but from my break I have discovered that my number one is actually my number two! Giving way to a whole new number one to be revealed tomorrow!

Without further ado time to rock out with Rockabilly in my number 2 spot!

Origin: USA

Colour Scheme: Black, white and primary colours – this style does not use pastels

Inspiration: The 50’s and 60’s

Popular Clothing Items: Full skirts, pencil skirts, blouses, jeans

What: To really get Rockabilly, you first have to understand its music. Like Goth and Punk, Rockabilly is a very music based subculture that is based around the musical style of the same name. As a genre of music, Rockabilly “is a one of the earliest styles of rock and roll music, and emerged in the early-1950’s. The term “rockabilly” is a portmanteau of “rock,” from rock and roll, and “hillbilly”, the latter a reference to the country music”. Taking this into account it can be noted that Rockabilly fashion has both country and rock esthetics with a liberal amount of 1950’s kitsch thrown in.

Rockabilly is a widely popular style throughout the western world with large communities based around beauty pageants, music festivals, car shows and other sorts of festivals making it, like Goth, a very social style.

Common elements seen in Rockabilly fashion include:

  • Low cut tops with halter or sweetheart necklines
  • Red, Blonde or black hair with blunt bangs
  • Dramatic cat eye makeup and red lips
  • Pencil skirts or swing skirts with full petticoats
  • Polka dots, animal print and nautical designs

My closet has a lot of Rockabilly styled clothing in it due to my fondness for online shopping and the fact that in the KW area there is a great rockabilly themed clothing store that has great prices on all of the things my wardrobe adores.

What I Like: Rockabilly is a style that is very figure friendly, meaning that women of all sizes will find an outfit that they feel great in. Like to show a little booty? Wear some short shorts. Like being able to spin like a Princess? Go for a. Not a fan of showing cleavage? Go for a Turtleneck look or try a band t-shirt. Like to show off the girls? Go for a sweetheart neckline or halter! Not a skirt kind of girl? Rockabilly is all about the classic blue jean. There really is something for anyone.


Polyvore set created by linding

Another aspect of the Rockabilly style I love is just how social its followers all are! They run blogs, YouTube pages, attend events to share their love of both the fashion and style. They love talking about the fashion and its culture and are very willing to share their information with newbies.

What I Don’t Like: The rockabilly fashion is a very SET look with distinct hairstyles and makeup. Without these items, you fall more into my number one fashion style and because of this Rockabilly can be hard to really get into when you suck at hair styling like my butt does – my hair cannot hold a curl to save its life.

Rockabilly is also a very summery style and though many will include cardigans in cooler weather, it is just not practical for Canadian weather. No shockingly this style is super popular in the southern USA (particularly Vegas and California) as well as in Australia. Canada … not so much.

So that’s Rockabilly in a nutshell – join me tomorrow for the grand finale!


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