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30 Day Anime Challenge: Anime character that gets on your nerves

Sorry this one took a little longer dear readers, I have had a busy week and to be honest I was kind of stumped on how to answer this question. If this was based on manga the answer would be so easy but since it is anime it is a little harder.

Often times  an annoying anime character is written to be that way, like Naruto, and he does annoy me. But he is supposed to be annoying so to me that means he was written well and I cannot fault that.

If I am going to choose an annoying character I have to choose someone who is supposed to be sweet or sexy or some other personality trait. But instead of that trait coming through (or having too much of that trait) they end up being annoying as hell.

I could go with a character like Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew but I really can’t bring myself to fault a  character from a children’s anime. Main characters in animes for younger audiences tend to be very in your face with their emotions to help attract the attention of young audience members. So once again, I can’t fault her!

I don’t like Nami from One Piece because I find that she is basically just T&A but occasionally she has moments of badass which help keep her from being too annoying.

Oh … wait … I just figured out who annoys me the most (yeah I literally just made up my mind right now).


Hinate Hyuuga in Naruto is so annoying to me! She is supposed to come off as sweet, shy and demure but instead I found her to be a mindless pile of whine whose only importance was to admire Naruto when no one else would.

I HATE spineless characters. To me they are just lazy writing but I don’t think that is what Kishimoto was going for when he wrote Hinata and that is why she annoys me. With her it is always all ‘Naruto-kun notice me’, ‘Naruto-kun save me’, ‘Naruto-kun’ it gets so annoying!

Even her voice drives me crazy!

Luckily Hinate does get better as the series goes on as she gets a little more confident but it takes way too long.




30 Day Anime Challenge: Most epic scene ever

The most epic anime scene … that is a tough one since a lot of scenes in animes are ‘epic’ for different reasons.

I mean what makes something epic? A fight with badass swordplay? A confession that has been the full series in the making? When a group decides to stand resolutely against the evils of their world? It is all very subjective.

What may be epic to one person may not be so epic to another and I think that is all fully based on personal taste. Some people like gore so they may choose an epic death, some people like romance so they will choose a great confession.

In my PERSONAL opinion, choosing a fight feels a bit like a cop out since anime fights are supposed to be epic so for my choice I went beyond that.

The scene I chose is the moment where you knew that this anime was going to be badass and that all hell had literally broken loose, that’s right the scene I choose is:


Attack on Titan started off kind of slow for me, which I guess makes sense since they wanted to lure the reader in. The first appearance of the Titans, mainly the Colossal Titan, serves as the real starting point of the series that helps assure the reader that their downloading choice was the right one.

Everything about this scene is epic from the grandeur of it to the music and I would be lying if I said that I didn’t get chills watching it for the first time.

To me THAT is what makes a scene truly epic, it’s all about the chills you get when you see a scene that makes you tell yourself “This gonna be good.”



30 Day Challenge: Favorite supporting male and female characters

Sorry I have been away for so long, I have been very busy in my regular life and my blog fell a little lower on my priority scale.

Due to the similarities of today’s and tomorrows challenges I have decided to combine the two.

On to the actual topic though, I tend to get very attached to the support characters of anime. They are usually a lot funnier and sometimes even more interesting than the main characters, such is the case of my chosen supporting male.

tumblr_muxbpb37mi1r9pecio2_500Eiji Nizuma is the rival manga artist of the main characters in the series. According to the writer and artist of the series, Eiji is heavily based on the writer of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda who is a friend of both the writer and artist. As a fan of the One Piece series I find it pretty funny that such a hyper

Other than being based on one of my favorite artists, I love how dedicated Eiji is to his craft, as well as to his own wants and needs. He has no problem completely disregarding the wants of his editors if it comes down to what he believes is right for his art and though I doubt I would ever do the same, I can’t help but admire his tenacity.

tumblr_myh30srZLA1swqesro1_400Shockingly similar to Eiji is my chosen female supporting character. Like Eiji, she is hyper and a tad crazy but unlike Eiji, she us also capable of being quite dangerous.

BlairBlair the Cat is originally thought to be a witch when she is first encountered by Maka and Soul in the series Soul Eater, but in truth she is really just a cat with magical powers who made the not so great decision to wear a witch style hat in a world where witches are hunted and killed.

Despite not being the witch they believed her to be, Blair does have the full capability of being a witch with a capital ‘B’ with no problem messing with friendships and partnerships to get what she wants. Besides being a bit of a bee-yotch, Blair is also cheerful and hyper who makes life in Soul and Maka’s apartment chaotic hell.

The only problem with Blair is that she is mainly used as a fanservice character, which kind of sucks, since she could be a funny and interesting supporting character if the sexy aspect of her was toned down to let the other personality traits shine through.

I think Blair is a perfect example of a female background character used for completely the wrong reason, BUMMER!






30 Day Challenge: Anime with Best Animation

Sorry my loves, I fell behind on the 30 day challenge so today I will be doing two!

Sunday’s 30 day challenge post was meant to be on an anime with the best animation and frankly with what is coming out right now this decision was actually quite easy.

Without a shadow of a doubt the best animation that I have scene as of late goes to …


Hellsing Ultimate has the distinction in my mind of having the best animation due to the fact that it manages to be both incredibly realistic and heavily stylized all at the same time.

It is easy enough to create an anime that looks bright and cheerful but it is harder to manage to make a series look dark and gritty and Hellsing Ultimate manages to pull it off.

The facial expressions are extreme, the background detailed and realistic with intense detail put into every portion, the clothing is incredibly detailed, the blood is realistic enough for you to know what it is but not too real as for it too get overly gory.

The series is a great improvement to it’s predecessor and frankly I find it the most elaborate anime I have scene to date.



30 Day Challenge: Favorite animal sidekick, pet or summoning from any animal

There are so many little animal companions and sidekicks in anime. Some are cute, some are annoying, some talk and some do not. They are in comedies, horrors and children’s show. Stories based in the past, stories of the present and stories of the future but for me to accurately answer this question I am going to look to the past.

More particularly my past. When I think about animal sidekicks, I always think about one character in particular, though she is more of a animal mentor than a sidekick. May I present my favorite sidekick …


Here be Luna, the adorable cat mentor of Sailor Moon!

Luna is actually an alien from the planet Mau who was adviser to Queen Serenity who sent her and her partner Artemis to the future to awaken the Sailor Senshi (Sailor Scouts) and generally serve as an adviser to Usagi/Serenity.

I chose Luna for this spot because she is pretty much a character from my childhood who helped solidify my love for the Sailor Moon series as I was a huge cat fan.

Looking back she is also a powerful, take no nonsense female who keeps Usagi/Serenity from being a total fail as she would have been without her.

Thanks Luna! You helped create an awesome series!




30 Day Challenge: Anime that never gets old no matter how many time you watch it

Is that ever a long title! Now if anyone had any doubt what this series would be, they should consider the series I keep bringing up in my previous posts. So as can be expected the series I have chosen is Higurashi no naku


That’s right the series that never gets old for me is Crayon Shin Chan. Yes I know it is a childish and stupid  series, but you know what? I don’t really care!

I don’t really know why I love this series so much. The art isn’t great, Shin is the brat from hell, but I still can’t help but watch this show as often as possible, even if I have seen the episode before. Anytime I am feeling stressed or a little down I can always count on the antics of Shin and his family to make me feel better.

I find it a tad sad that so many people completely disregard this series because of its immaturity and poor art. I think if people gave it more of a chance they would find that it is truly quite heartwarming and enjoyable. Yeah it is no Attack on Titan but it is still a good series.

And to me how an anime makes you feel is way more important than if it has great art or an elaborate story.

BTW, have I ever mentioned that I can imitate Shin and Hima?