30 Day Anime Challenge: Saddest Anime Scene

I cry a lot and easily, so that means this was a looooong list but after looking further down the list I discovered that there is a saddest death day (it’s on day 25) so that meant that I would have to choose something that made me cry that did not involve a characters death.

After a little bit of thinking, I quickly came up with a scene that hit me pretty hard.


Satoko Houjou’s breakdown, refered to by the fans as ‘Memories of Nii-nii’ in Higurashi no naku Koro ni.The basic story behind this scene is that this chapter is heavily based around Satoko and Keiichi, which initially starts off as rather strained due to their similar personalities. In this episode, Satoko’s uncle moves back into her house begins abusing Satoko and she is convinced that if she doesn’t tell anyone her older brother who had run away, Satoshi, will come back to her.

Keichi becomes fond of Satoko’s determination and pets her head affectionately, something her brother used to do, which leads to Satoko completely flipping out.

As someone who has experienced a few mental breakdown in my life, watching someone so young have one is pretty heartbreaking. I guess the reason it is so sad for me is because it is something I have gone through and therefore it is like watching my life from the outside and man does that suck.

The scene itself was definitely long in the making  considering everything that happens in the episode but that doesn’t make it any less heart wrenching.




30 Day Challenge: Favorite Fighter Anime & Mecha Anime

Favorite fighter anime and favorite mecha anime … why did I combine these two? Both the fighter anime and mecha anime are styles that I don’t usually, if ever, partake in. I tend to lean towards horror, supernatural and slice of life.

Now onto the why, I don’t watch fighter anime because I find their plot gets way too repetitive. Their is rarely if ever a story and when there is, it is usually just not my cup of tea. I tried to get into the big three series, One Piece, Bleach and Naruto but none were able to hold my interest for long and I quickly went back to my favorite genres.

As for mecha, I have never been a mecha girl. I never like Transformers and though I can appreciate series like Evangelion and Code Geass for the artwork and thought that went into them, they just were not really for me. I am not a huge tech person, I enjoy playing with various pieces of technology but I don’t really ‘care or like’ the tech world so I was never fully able to appreciate the plots of mecha series since they just are no my thing.

I know this probably reads like a bit of a cop out but it is the gods honest truth, I just don’t really like fighter or mecha animes.

30 Day Challenge: Best Anime Villian

So I fell a little behind on my 30 day challenge and that means that today I will be doing day 9, 10 AND 11!

But let’s start with day 9 which is ‘Best Anime Villain’ … hmmm who do I think is the most evil anime villain out of all the series I have watched … that is an easy one as the first villain who came to my mind is …


Kyubey from Puella Magi Madoka Magica is not the usual anime villain. He isn’t ugly or buff or just outright in your face evil, but he is insanely dangerous in the anime.

Basically, Kyubey is a “Messenger of Magic” who grants wishes to  young human girls in exchange for them becoming Puella Magi (Magical Girl) and fight the evil witches who are feeding on human dreams. Seems cool right? WRONG! In truth Kyubey is an alien who is CREATING magical girls who later become witches after their souls are corrupted by grief and despair.

All of the witches the girls fight throughout the series were once magical girls, just like the main characters. That means that they all signed Kyubey’s contract and fell into despair because

The big thing with Kyubey is that he doesn’t see what he is doing as wrong. He is just doing his job and as he says,

“You people are all the same. I don’t get it. Why do you people care so much where your souls are?”

His race is incapable of feeling emotion and he sees humans as nothing but convenient ‘energy sources’. In truth, Kyubey is really a ‘necessary evil’ sort of villain since his race is trying to stop the destruction of the universe by using the energy he has collected from the witches.

I guess the thing with Kyubey is never judge a book by its cover. He may look cute, but he is one nasty customer.




Sunday Review: B Gata H Kei

A high school, such a special time for a young lady. A time of knee socks, short skirts and pervy teachers. Best friends, crazy cliques and snobby rivals. First loves, first kisses and who could forget, the first 100 casual sex partners.B.gata.H.kei.shadowxblog

Wait … what?

The series B Gata H Kei Yamada’s First Time takes the classic highschool manga and gives it a rather naughty twist by focusing on a high school girl with a rather unusual goal for her highschool career. Find her true love? How old fashioned! Get the best grades? Boring! Have casual sex with 100 partners? Ding ding ding we have a winner!

The story follows the exploits of Yamada, whose first name is never revealed as it is ‘not important’, a 15-year-old girl who has just entered high school with a particularly lofty goal: to have casual sex with 100 partners. A natural beauty who attracts people of all genders, you think this goal would be easy, except for one teensy-weensy problem, she is a virgin with no idea how to seduce a man.

Feeling like she needs to practice on a virgin before stepping up into the big leagues, Yamada soon finds herself determined to lose her to cherry to her classmate and fellow awkward virgin, Takashi Kosuda. Kosuda proves to be quite a challenge for Yamada however as he is not willing to just hop into bed with her and both of them find themselves trying to win over the other enough to get what they want.

Writer Yoko Sanri throws the classic belief that all boys are perverts and all girls want stable relationships on its head as she flips the entire construct around on its head with a perverted girl and stable boy.

The first few episodes of the series are heavily based around Yamada trying to get the deed done with poor confused Kosuda, who wants a girlfriend more than just a onetime fling. An adorable moe love rival for Yamada is even added in second episode in the form of the bespectacled Mayu Miyano, the childhood friend and neighbour of Kosuda.

Bright and colourful, B Gata H Kei sometimes feels like you are seeing the world as Yamada perceives it with everyone except for her being a little less bright and therefore important.

The characterization of Yamada leaves the viewer seeing her as a bubble-headed bimbo who only has sex on her mind. You never really find out why Yamada has such an obsession for having 100 sex partners. Has she always been a pervert or did something happen in her childhood that made her think no man would ever love her except as a sex object? Luckily as the series progresses, Yamada does start to become more aware of the importance of Kosuda’s feelings.

The really awkward part is that the viewer’s find themselves not rooting for Yamada’s perverted goals as much as they do for Kosuda’s pure affections for her and in the end for him to end up with the pure and sweet girl-next-door, Miyano. Hell, even Yamada’s best friend wants Kosuda to end up happy with Miyano.

Other than Yamada the rest of cast doesn’t grow too much. Kosuda remains a door-mat to Yamada’s whims. Best friend Miharu Takeshita remains the calm foil to Yamada and Miyano stays as the sweet little moe girl next door.

The major issue with the series is that it is very repetitive with most of the series dedicated to Kosuda remaining clueless as to Yamada’s true intentions and Yamada wanting desperately to have sex with him to start her 100 sex partner countdown.

Isn’t this girl at all worried about STI’s or even getting pregnant?images

In the end of it all it is really hard to decide whether B Gata H Kei Yamada’s First Time is annoying or funny. On one hand the antics of Yamada are pretty funny and a lot of the secondary characters and subplots are pretty humorous as well. On the other hand though, Yamada is so ridiculously hard to root for. You don’t want her to achieve her silly little goal and the story just gets way too repetitive. The series works as a 4-Koma styled manga but not so much as an anime and in the end Yamada is just one of those characters that is funny but hard to fully like and even harder to fully root for.

30 Day Challenge: Favorite anime couple

Shipping scares me. Have I ever mentioned that and today I have to talk about my favorite anime couple! This is a tad tricky for me, since I rarely if ever watch anime series that focus on romantic subplot, they are just not really my thing.

I can however think of at least one couple I find to be adorable.


Kōichi Sakakibara and Mei Misaki are the two main characters, well Mei goes in and out of being a main, from the series Another. The basic plot of this horror mystery is that 15-year-old Kōichi Sakakibara transfers into a small towns class where he meets Mei Misaki, a strange student whom their classmates and teachers seemingly ignore. The class is soon caught up in a strange phenomenon, in which students and their relatives begin to die in mysterious, gruesome ways. Realizing that these deaths are related to the “Misaki of 1972”, it is up to Kōichi and Mei to discover the cause of these mysterious deaths and figure out how to stop it before it kills them.

The duo doesn’t really start very off very couple-y, more so just as a partnership in a mystery but after Koichi becomes ‘invisible’ that the duo start to get adorable. They dance around the classroom and just generally act adorable all while being completely ignored by their other classmates.

These two are never fully declared a couple by the series since they really don’t have time for that sort of thing while everyone they care about is dying around them, but they would be adorable and that is why I chose them!

I think I like them most as a couple though because of the following gif …





30 Day Challenge: Your anime crush

It’s Friday and today I have to talk about my anime crush … this is I think the hardest one yet.

I don’t tend to get ‘anime crushes’. All of my favorite characters are either live action or from video games. To be brutally honest I tend to find most anime male characters either a little too feminine or a little too boyish for my taste.

Characters who usually attract female anime fans like Sebastian in Black Butler I find to be way too feminine in appearance. I prefer my men to be a little more rugged and even the characters who are considered more manly like Jiraiya, I still don’t find masculine enough.

I like men who are a little more macho and the type of men I like are rarely in any series I end up watching.

I have a manga character crush but the series was never adapted into an anime so I can’t use him, especially since I will be doing a manga specific challenge later on.

So I guess this is going to be a short piece today since I have no anime crush.

Sorry to disappoint.

30 Day Challenge: Anime you wan’t to see but haven’t

An anime I want to see but haven’t … that is kind of a hard one at first thought. Most of the time when I decide I like the idea of an anime I watch it right away. So it is unusual for me to have something that I want to watch but haven’t.

However, I haven’t gotten a chance to watch one series in particular yet which I have on my ‘To Watch List’


A close friend of mine swears that Shiki is one of the best vampire based anime series in circulation (the only other one I can even think of is Hellsing).

The basic premises of the series is that a bunch a series of unusual deaths are occurring in a small village, Sotoba, and the director of the town’s hospital, Toshio Ozaki, begins to suspect that the cause of the epidemic is that the town is being plagued by Shiki, which I assume are vampires.

The anime, and manga, are based on the best-selling horror novel by Ono Fuyumi, who also wrote the novel that later became the manga Ghost Hunt.

The artwork for the series looks fantastic! Really bright but creepy at the same time, which is hard to manage. Usually bright haired characters are associated with more chipper series, so that definitely helped draw me to the series.

I am hoping to watch the series sometime over the summer.

Apparently the J -Rocker Gackt voices one of the characters … not that I really care since I am not a huge fan of Japanese music.