Mini Review – SoniAni: Super Sonico The Animation

Today I am going to do a BABY REVIEW! Aka a rather short review since I have only watched the first episode of the series.


When watching any anime it is easy to tell who is going to be the main character.Why? Simple they either (a) sit in the back right corner near the window, (b) their name is in the series title, (c) they have a hair colour that looks totally out of place compared to everyone else or (d) they actually wear an outfit that stands out.

So now I want you to consider what I just said and then try and guess who the main character of this series is


One of these kids is not like the others!

…If you guessed the only character wearing colour with not brown hair YOU WERE RIGHT!

SoniAni: Super Sonico The Animation is a 12-episode series produced by White Fox (producers of Akame ga Kill! and Steins; Gate) in partnership with the video game software company Nitroplus who have been using Sonico as their mascot since 2006.

The series follows Sonico, an 18-year-old college student and her misadventures as she tries to keep up with school while also working as a gravure idol and vocalist/guitarist First Astronomical Velocity.The series is a pretty classic slice-of-life following the daily life of Sonico while also throwing in a liberal amount of ecchi elements including skimpy outfits, sexy poses and more than a few boob-centric camera shots.

Despite its ecchi nature though, Sonico remains a rather enduring character. Friendly, hardworking and definitely not always comfortable with her part-time job, you can’t help but get attached to Sonico and her antics.

My main issue with the first episode is that everyone other than Sonico and her two bandmates, Suzu Fukimi and Fuuri Watanuki, are very bland characters coloured entirely in a dull palate. I guess I sort of get it, Nitro wanted their mascot to be front and center and with her pink hair in a sea of brown it is pretty easy to always know who the main star is.

All in all if you are looking for a brainless series to take your mind off of the deaths in Attack on Titan or heartbreak in the finale of Naruto and you enjoy a sweet and cheerful slice-of-life I would suggest you try queuing up SoniAni: Super Sonico The Animation.


Will I continue watching it? Yes, I think I will.


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