Con Review: Kitchener Comic Con

Back in February, February 18th to be more precise, I attended the first ever Kitchener Comic Con. The event was a one shot, a one day only free event being held at Kitchener City Hall. The event was billed as:

Kitchener Comic Con is the newest pop culture event for the Region of Waterloo within the city of Kitchener. KCC celebrates the wonderfulness that is comic book pop culture and all of It’s multi-generational fun, we invite all ages and genres to celebrate their passions and embrace the fandom culture within the region with the events that we host.

But sadly what it ended up being was a cluster of only okay vendors and normies walking around judging the more hardcore nerds. On one hand the lack of really good vendors made sense because it was a FREE event which meant that they did not find

My sister and I arrived at 12 PM (the event started at 11AM) and we had plans of checking out the masquerade, an event we had become attached to at Con-G. Unfortunately though things were very poorly organized and we never ended up getting to the event (or ever finding out where it even was). We were disappointed to discover that all there was to do at the event was look at the booths, as all of the events were impossible to find.

Though my sister and I had planned on staying till 3 PM, we only ended up staying till 2 PM as we quickly lost interest in the event. Due to the size of the event there really was not a lot to do.

Usually at cons we browse through the vendors and check out and chat with fellow cosplayers, but KCC proved to be 251267_wooly16_whitereally low on cosplayers. There were very few cosplayers except for the occasional Halloween costumes teen or closet cosplays so photoshoots were out.

We briefly checked out the gaming section but the Con Funk and attitude of the players, quickly chased us off. The gaming area was small and crowded by overly serious gamer guys who wouldn’t hand the controller to the girl even if she flashed him (they wouldn’t even allow kids anywhere near the systems!)

On a plus side, I did become obsessed with the adorable products of The Littlest Gift Boutique who sell freakishly adorable plushies and figurines and who I will likely be spending a chunk of money with at Anime North. (I have plans of reviewing the store).

Most of my fellow attendees agreed that the event was … a nice distraction. Kind of dull, very poorly organized and t

There is already plans for the event to run again next year with plans of making it an actual paid event, rather than a free one and many people question this decision. Without some serious changes, the con will not be worth any amount of money and likely fail.




Review Sunday: Love Live! School Idol Project

It is a well-known fact around my geeky friends that though I dress and act like a total girly girl, I am actually not a fan of animes made for women/girls. I tend to find all of the plots the same: take one socially awkward girl with a crush on the class bishie add a sprinkling of a bitchy rival, mix with a love triangle and simmer over a low ‘I am not good enough for you’ heat and you have pretty much every shougo manga ever. Sometimes the setting is different but the plot is pretty much always the same. Now you can guess my surprise when I found a girly anime that I actually enjoyed watching!


World’s cutest cast (Bottom left to right – Nozomi, Rin, Hanayo, Kotori, Honoka, Umi, Nico, Maki, Eli)

Love Live! School Idol Project is a 13-episode multimedia project co-developed ASCII Media Works’ Dengeki G’s Magazine, music label Lantis, and animation studio Sunrise. The series combines regular anime animation with a more unusual computer graphic element for the musical numbers that allowed for greater movement to be given to the characters

The first season focus on the trials and tribulations of Honoka Kosaka who, along with her group of friends, creates a school idol group called μ’s (pronounced muse) in order to save their beloved school, Otonokizaka Academy from being closed down by competing in the idol competition ‘Love Live’ and attracting new students. Along the way to achieve their goal the girls face rivals that become teammates, reluctant classmates, and the realization that being an idol is way more than just smiling and looking cute!

I could tell you about the second season as well but it kind of gives away the ending of the first, so I will leave the plot at that and move onto what really makes the series stand out, the characters.

Love Live has a pretty large cast, which can sometimes get overwhelming, but they all look and act differently enough to help them stand out and let the viewer’s choose a favorite. The main trio consists of Honoka Kosaka, the chipper and bubbly heroine who is sweet but stubborn to a fault; Kotori Minami, her childhood best friend and daughter of the school headmistress, who tends to be air-headed but sweet; and Umi Sonoda who serves as the level-headed foil to her best friends. As the series continues the group continues to grow as new members join up including Eli Ayase the rival turned friend who is also the student-council president; Nozomi Togo, Eli’s level-headed second-in-command who is secretive and mischievous; the tomboy Rin Hoshizora who often serves as comedic relief; Hanayo Koizumi, a shy girl whose love of idol’s is only known by her best friend Rin; the cool and collected Maki Nishikino who has a lot of pressure on her shoulders from her family; and Nico Yazawa who his serious and a little mean normally but as an idol is very childlike and playful.

There is pretty much a character for every type of fan, whether you like girls in glasses like Hanayo, tomboys like Rin or characters who look younger than they are like Nico (personally I really relate to Nozomi and I may even cosplay her in the future).

The thing that really surprised me though is that every character is really likable! Characters who start off bitchy, like Eli, are quickly forgiven as their stories come to life, and even Nico, who comes off as really annoying, is actually quite likable once you put her with the rest of the cast.

Bright and cheerful, the series was made to be total eye and ear candy, from the voice acting and singing work of the VA’s to the brightly coloured scenery and characters.

Ultimately, I think if you are looking for a fun, bubbly break from some of the more hardcore animes and like the bubbly sweetness of J-Pop I would definitely suggest giving Love Live! a try and you may even find yourself addicted to some of the music … like I did.

Anime North 2015 Pre-Convention Photo

Well Anime North is officially only like 27 days away and you know what that means – it is time for the Pre-Anime North survey!

The survey is based on a bunch of random com surveys I found throughout Tumblr.

Name: Katrina ‘no I am not sharing my last name here’
23, College Student
Badge Name:
The same as my regular name since Anime North has a ‘real name’ policy

Where are you staying: I think the DoubleTree has changed its name to the International Plaza. It is the second priciest hotel for AN but it is the most convenient so my sister and I always try and get in there.
How are you getting to the convention:
My mother drives my sister and I to AN and pick us up on Sunday. She Ribbet collageloves seeing all of the costumes as we arrive at the hotel.
Which days?
I always arrive on Friday usually just after 2PM and stay till about the same time on Sunday, though this time varies year to year.
Super Sonico in her blue yukata and my original Twi’lek OC (though this picture is of the character Suu Lawquane whose outfit and design is what I based my outfit on)
Whats it from?
The Twi’lek race is from Star Wars, though her design and character were created by me. Super Sonico is owned by Nitroplus and this particular design is based on a FREEing statue.

Where will you be at the con? All over the place really. Though I spend most of my time either in and around the convention center or at the hotel I am staying at.
What’s your favorite thing to do at the con?
Simply wander around and snag some photos of fellow cosplayers. Sometimes my sister and I simply sit and watch people.
Who will you be with?
My younger sister, Alyshia, though it is likely I will meet up with friends from college.
Are you going to any panels or photo shoots?
I don’t tend to attend the panels as I prefer reading to listening to nerdy topics of discussion. You get juicer facts that way. As for photoshoots I attend and run the Western Photoshoot and I may pop into the Disney shoot as my Twi’lek since Disney owns Star Wars now.
Are you going to any raves/dances/concerts?
I never do. I am really not a convention dance girl. Too many little kids for my taste.

Are you eating at the con or bringing your own food? A combination of the two really. We always pack snacks for in the hotel and carrying around in case my sister or I get hungry or shaky from lack of protein.

Can I talk to you? But of course you can. I am a real chatterbox.
Are you nice?
I try to be. Even when I am feeling off I try to be friendly and cheerful.
Can I ask for a picture?
But of course.
If you ask first you certainly may. My twi’lek is going to be skin toned so you don’t have to fear paint smearing.
I guess it really depends how much fanservice you are thinking about.I realize that Sonico is a pretty fanservicey character, but everyone has a limit.

Can I hang out with you? Just around the con outside, but of course.
Can I buy you things?
That is very flattering but I will likely decline. Save your money for you!
Can you drink at the con?
I can but I won’t because I don’t drink

The Magical Boob Plate

Hello my lovelies!

I apologize for being absent so long but unfortunately I have been crazy busy with school and the internship that was attached to it

Anywho, so today I am going to talk about an interesting topic that has dropped out of popularity for a now but will likely be back and forth depending on whether or not we are in con season.

Anime characters and video game characters, as well as western characters tend to have big assets. Large chests are a staple of anime, western and video game characters as they appeal to the people these forms are made for: Not shockingly though very few of us actually have the real assets to fill in the shirts of these famous characters. So you have two choices (1) get fakies which seems pretty extreme just for a hobby or (2) ignore the bust size of the character and cosplay them anyway.

A cosplayer in Japan though, came up with a third option: fabric made breasts that cosplayers can wear like breast plates to give the illusion of larger breasts. These breast plates are fabric made and combine cardboard or other sturdy materials and ‘skin tone fabric’ to make something like a boob shirt.

fake-boobs-cosplay-portadaAs soon as they arrived on scene cosplayers exploded with excitement. Cosplay Commission pages blew up with people requesting their own ‘set’ so they can cosplay their favorite top heavy heroines.

A lot of people are pretty impressed by this new cosplay breakthrough but they really are not that ground breaking. Drag Queens have been faking breasts for ages and frankly theirs not only move more realistically but also fit better skin tone wise.

Now onto my personal opinion.

I am really torn about these new boob plates. A major concern I have with these new boob plates is how hard it will be match your skin tone to the fake boobs. Now a lot of people could argue that the ‘photo look perfect of the Japanese model why wouldn’t mind?’. Fun fact younglings, Japanese cosplayers are notorious for photoshopping their photos both in and final progress and I suspect that in non-edited photos, the fabric breasts would be beyond obvious.

I do see some positives though:

  • Don’t have to worry about nip slips if you are wearing unrealistic outfits such as Ryoko from Kill la Kill or Ivy from Soul Calibur.
  • Personal chest heater for when you want to wear a skimpy cosplay inside a chilly convention hall.

But with every positive comes a whole lot of negatives.

  • Nearly impossible to get the skin colour exact. You will likely end up looking like you are wearing a boob tank top or crop top.
  • I can sense the 4chan comments already – though a lot of people probably don’t care a flying feck about that
  • High risk of overheating. These are fabric stuffed pillows stuffed onto your chest! In warm weather you may as well be wearing a fleece onesie.

So all in all I would say that these boob plates are a real catch 22. On one hand no nip slips and the opportunity to wear that big busted cosplay you always wanted but on the other hard to match skin tones and serious overheating. They have not been out for too long so we will have to see how cosplayers in the West react as they continue to either shrink or grow in popularity.