Technikitty’s Top 10 Styles: 4

It is time to continue with the top 10 styles! I know I had promised to have one done by Saturday but my weekend ended up being crazy and I never had the chance to sit down and write a half-way decent blog post.

Anywho, so I mentioned in post 5 that style 4 would be another Lolita substyle, well after some consideration I ended up changing my top 4 lineup a bit and that lead to style 4 no longer being a Lolita substyle. However, this style does originate from Japan and does include many aspects of Lolita, so take from that what you may. Without further ado my I present, Otome Kei.

Origin: Japan

Colour Scheme: Varies widely

Inspiration: 50’s and 70’s

Popular Clothing Items: Peter Pan collar blouses and dresses, cardigans, cute tights, berets

What: Created in the 70’s, Otome Kei is a Japanese style that  focuses on looking lady-like and cute all at the same time and many of this styles outfits can easily be mistaken for Casual Lolita or even Classic Lolita. Unlike Lolita, Otome offers its wearers a lot of freedom in regards to length, prints, and level of poof giving the outfits a more comfortable feel, while still maintaining the cuteness of Lolita.

Otome Kei is only just starting to grow in popularity over here in the Western World and many Lolitas are turning Otome Kei into their ‘everyday’ wear.

Common elements seen in Otome Kei include:

  • Mixed patterns and motifs
  • High variation in level of poof seen in the skirts
  • Natural hair colours
  • A lot of Peter Pan collar dresses and blouses
  • A lot of hair accessories including bows and flowers


What I Like: What I really like about the Otome style is just how wearable it is for the Western world. A lot of Lolita styles take a lot of guts to wear in public, or simply cannot be worn in most places people spend their day to day lives. Otome however looks unique


Polyvore set created by Shirayukin

enough where you do not feel like you are following the crowd, but not so unique that you feel like a complete whack-a-do.

I also love the vintage esthetic of it. I really love the style of the 50’s and 70’s, so combining that with a somewhat dolly look is a-okay with me.

What I Don’t Like: Like Lolita, Otome Kei tends to run on the pricey size and can be very hard to fit when you have a curvier frame. Most of the Japanese brands used in Otome are made for women with slimmer hips and not nearly as much of a rack as I have been blessed with.

See you all tomorrow for a non-Japanese inspired style! (Crazy right?)


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