Geeky Etsy Shop – Haute Mess

It is not a super well known fact but I actually really like to bake. I am not great it but I still enjoy it and that is all that really matters. However I do tend to make a huge mess while baking and I don’t own my own apron, so I went looking for one on Etsy and found the adorable works of Haute Mess.

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Based out of Missisipi, the shop is all kitchenware (aprons and oven mitts) products with  the owner saying this about their store:

Welcome to Haute Mess Threads! Specializing in kitchen couture, I offer a whole slew of different styles!! Ranging from comic book inspired – disney- Movie themed-and pin up motif. Be sure to browse the new Gillin Villain line!
Fun, slightly sexy and a little bit of class!! OOO the kitchen just got hotter!!

Everything she creates is custom made and not shockingly it does have a custom-made price tag to go along with it with items ranging from $19 all the way up to $191 for the most expensive apron (yikes!)

Customers seem fine with the prices though and the store has gained an average of 5 out of 5 stars and glowing reviews like:

Great communication, and speedy processing time per request. The apron is just so doll – don’t wanna get it dirty!

The store also has MALE aprons so you can’t go around saying that guys can’t cook!

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Shipping wise her prices are pretty reasonable for Canada ($8.77) and the US ($6.03) but they do kind of get up there depending on how far from the US you are.

Personally I have no experience with the store, as I have yet to purchase anything from it,  but I have to say that the Darth Vader apron is totally telling me “Kat I am your apron” (sorry bad joke).

Go check the store out at:


The Fake Geek Girl Debate

I was sent this photo via Tumblr and asked to do a ‘Fake Geek Girl’ blog post, so here it is. First off I don’t think that there is really such a thing as a ‘fake geek girl’.

The problem with the ‘fake geek girl’ stereotype likely comes from the old perspective that all nerds are unattractive and therefore when anyone fits outside of this stereotype they are considered “fake”.

In University I was told by another girl on my dorm floor that I was, and I quote, “way too pretty to be a geek”. What does that even mean? Is my face not geek shaped enough? Is my skin too nice? What part of my appearance qualifies me as  ‘not a geek’?

The cultural image of “what is a geek” has changed. Geeks can come in all shapes and sizes. Some wear makeup and dress fashionable, some don’t care about stuff like that. It does not make them any more or less of a geek.

However, if you run around saying you are a total geek after watching one Marvel movie, then you are just being a doofus.

As for the sexy posing with videogame controller thing. I blame Facebook, Tumblr and DeviantART. Shots like that are really just to get more views or have a laugh. They have no real purpose except for too either goof off or get views.

Personally, I feel that if they are done in a pinup-esque fashion they can be cute but most really are just random facebook shots.

Now onto the cosplay aspect.

Yes, you do see some girls at cons wearing outfits from shows, games or movies that know little to nothing about they tend to come in three types:

  1. Booth babes who don’t claim to be nerds they are just there to look good
  2. They were dragged into a group or couple cosplay by a friend
  3. They just really liked the design

There is nothing wrong with NOT really knowing the series you are cosplaying from but you do have to be ready to take some flak and get called out for it. Do I think it is nice to call someone else out? No, but it will happen.

Before cosplaying it is really best to try and learn at least the basics about the series you are cosplaying from. I don’t need you to know the history of the Star Wars Universe when you cosplay as Leia but at least know about what pertains to her era.

But really what it comes down to is if YOU consider yourself a geek! You can’t be fake while staying true to yourself!

Geeky Etsy Shop – Burrito Princess

I love Perler beads! They are so much fun and a really cute way to make great geeky items. I own an entire tub of them but I have had little time to actually work with them yet (hoping to change that over the break).

Perler beads are particularly popular amongst Etsy sellers who use them to make some absolutely adorable products, such as the ones made by Burrito Princess.

Ribbet collageAccording to the owner, whose name is Amber

I love to work with any craft items I can get my hands on, and I love to discover new things. Perler beads are by far my favorite thing to work with, and I’m always looking for new ways to ways to wear and display perler creations! I love music, concerts, video games (I grew up playing my mom’s Atari. Pitfall was my favorite game.), cats, and cute/nerdy/quirky/gorey things. I love making band necklaces as well.

Her items come in a variety of styles, though she has a particular fondness for Nintendo based games such as Legend of Zelda and Pokemon

She has a full 5 star listing and has received quite a few awesome reviews.

Great communication with the seller. Shipped in the time given. These will look great on my shoes for my geeky bachelorette party!

She only has a few negative reviews, most of which have to do with the picture frames having too small a frame and overly large pixel figures

Her prices really vary between item to item with the most expensive ones, being $16+ cake toppers.

Ribbet collage

As far as shipping prices it’s $3.82 for US buyers and $8.74 for everywhere else.

She also makes charm necklaces, primarily themed around band names and logos, books and movies. Price wise, they range between 16 and 13 dollars depending on the complexity of the product.

If you are interested in taking a look at her products go to

Happy Etsying!

A Look at Lolita

All right so it is time for another controversial topic – today I will be talking about the Lolita community.

First off the definition of lolita, according to is:

Lolita is a Japanese street fashion inspired primarily by the clothing and general aesthetics of the Rococo and Victorian periods. This fashion movement started in Japan in the 1980’s and has evolved greatly since. Nowadays Lolita Fashion has grown to be relatively popular all over the world.

The lolita subculture is always given flak for sharing its name with the book Lolita which is about a man who is in a relationship with an underage girl. Not surprisingly this has added controversy to the fashion because now a lot of people assume that it is a fetish.

This is not true, unless you consider it a fetish for beautiful prints and lace. It is really just a fashion style, though for some it is a lifestyle.

Online lolitas are often broken up into groups based on how they act:

  • Brandwhore: The ones obsessed with the Japanese brands
  • Camwhore: The ones who take tons of photos
  • Special snowflake: The ones who create their own styles and accessories to form new looks
  • Lifestyler: The ones who incorporate lolita into their daily life
  • Lolita Snob: Very picky about the rules of lolita
  • Ita: Tends to mix anime subculture with poor quality lolita items
  • Alternative: Tend to ignore a lot of the ‘rules’ and mix the style with piercings and tattoos
  • Part-timer: Only wears lolita for cons and meetups

But like any form of labeling, they should be taken with a grain of salt.

There are also many different types of lolita fashion but if you want to learn about them go to the following link:

There are large Lolita communities throughout the world, particularly in Europe, Australia, and Montreal.

I LOVE lolita. I think it is a beautiful and adorable fashion with a lot of great accessories and pieces which I feel do suit quite a few different people. Not surprisingly I do spend a LOT of time looking at lolita coords and OOTD’s on Tumblr and wishing that I had the money available to join the community.

But then I actually take a look at the community, and that is where the controversy starts.

If Tumblr is to be believed, the lolita community has a lot of bitchiness in regards to brand names and weight. According to many online voices for the community, sizist remarks run rampant and people are always questioning people’s  choices in coords and outfits.

However, I am not saying that they are all like that. I think that, as in any subculture, there are going to be people who sour the bunch. It is what happens when you get large groups together

Like cosplay, the lolita community is often discussed on 4Chan who spend a large amount of time bashing other people’s coords and accusing them of being too fat or too ugly. But seriously, it is 4Chan

My only personal beef with lolita is how damn expensive it is! I follow some girls on Tumblr and Blogger and I want to scream with how beautiful their wardrobes are

I guess a good way to put it is, if you want to get into the lolita community, do some research, start small and don’t let the haters get you down. Just enjoy dressing like an adorable cupcake.

Geeky Etsy Shop – Rooby Lane

I am a huge fan of circle skirts since not only are they flattering but they are adorable and fun as well so this Etsy shop immediately caught my attention.

Ribbet collage

The store owner describes her passion and experience as thus:

“I have always enjoyed designing fabrics and clothing. I started out buying in the coolest quirkiest fabrics I could find and turning them into skirts.
I have been featured in quite a few magazines and newspapers and even spent a days filming Dragons Den! Which is a show about entrepreneurs here in the Uk.”

The owner, who goes as Rooby, creates these adorable skirts in a variety of sizes, including plus sizes and children with patterns ranging from Lord of the Rings to Marvel.  The skirts are primarily 19″ in length but in the description of the items she states that she can make them shorter or longer at the customers request.

In general the store has received a 5 star rating (out of 5) and reading the reviews reveals such positive reviews as:

“The first skirt I ordered was, unfortunately, lost in the post, but Rooby sent a replacement straight away and was always quick to reply. The skirt is even more lovely than the pictures show. I will definitely order from her again!”

The price of the item is pretty set with $80.63 being the most expensive and $62.71 at the cheapest and I am guessing it is the pattern that effects the price of the skirts.

She also sells scarves, pillows and petticoats which look awesome beneath her skirts.

Ribbet collage

I do not own anything from her personally but I have plans to buy from her in the future because frankly she has a lot of stuff that I need for so many reasons.

Go check out her work at: