Anime North 2014

10358738_627666140654027_9118590229713997548_nSo two weeks ago I was at my 8th Anime North, the 4th largest anime convention in North America, as a cosplayer but mainly as an uncostumed patron due to the heat of the weekend. This year had proven shockingly stressful to prepare for due to low self-image impacting cosplay, an unexpected new roommate (who proved to be a real doll and has been invited for next year), and a lost hotel room (which was solved due to the awesomeness of my fellow congoers). I could write a truly massive post and talk about every little thing but I’d rather just hit the highlights and show some great photos!


My truly fabulous mother drove us to the con just after 12:30 but before we left I had to deal with an almost panic attack induced by the fact that my Mao cosplay was actually poorly fit and needs a few adjustments before it can be fully debuted at a con. Ultimately the costume was left behind, making way for my Scholar cosplay to be my lead cosplay.

Upon arriving at the con we chose to sign into the hotel, the International Plaza, first so then my Mom could head back home and not hit as much traffic. It took us an hour and a half to get all signed in but I think that was heavily impacted by the fact that the front desk did not open till 3!

After signing in, and me changing into a casual Batgirl inspired outfit we headed to get our badges. I was expecting it to take ages to get them but instead it only took around 10 minutes, maybe less.

At 6 I officially began the Western Comics and Movie Photoshoot, which was pretty popular, though not nearly as popular as many of the anime shoots (no shocker there). It ran incredibly smoothly except for a few overly excited preteens in closet cosplays breaking into the photos and screaming constantly, but that comes with the territory.
After the shoot we finally headed to the photoshoot where I came away with a Horror grab bag (my regretted purchase) and a new Arda Wig that I brought purely for its beauty ♥‿♥


My favorite cosplay all weekend! Gangrel from Fire Emblem: Awakening. Sadly I have no idea who he is …


Saturday was cosplay chess day! Which is insanely fun if you have never done it before. Both my sister and I signed up for the 10 a.m. Magic vs. Science game with my sister as Chiaki Nanami on the Science side and me on the magic side as a scholar, both as pawns. It was a LOT of fun but it felt like it took forever and ultimately my side, magic, all chose to sit down and relax till we were moved due to how long the chess players took. Much to everyones shock, it ended up as a tie.

After the game, my sister and I popped into the dealers room where I came away with an adorable Harley Quinn tank dress which I changed into upon returning to the hotel. It was incredibly hot Saturday with no breeze, so I really only ended up wearing my Scholar dress for cosplay chess and the new Harley dress most of the weekend. I was shocked though, I still ended up getting photos taken! I am guessing because of my big boobs …

The rest of the day was easy-osey, my sister went to the Dangan Ronpa shoot while our roommate and I sat in the shade, we headed back to the dealers room and I purchased the first omnibus edition of Empowered, a rather naughty western comic by Adam Warren. I took a break in the hotel and then we had dinner at the hotels Japanese restaurant.


This is always a short day since we do have to get home and back to the real world, my Mom came to pick up our luggage at 11 AM and then my sister and I did one final sweep of the dealers room where I got the second Empowered omnibus.

After that we hung around till my Mom came back to get us. Then cue, post con sadness and planning for next year … I also ended up getting our hotel room as soon as I got home due to our hotel already opening up booking!

All in all it was another great year, though I did not get to cosplay as much as I would have liked due to the heat. It was totally my fault though, I need to learn to always consider the temperature of the month when choosing my cosplays.

Next up in the con world, Fan Expo 2014 where I will be cosplaying Hipster Harley Quinn.