Geek Speed Dating

Finding love is hard for anyone but finding love when you are a geek? Now that adds a whole new level of awkward.

Trying to date outside the geek circle, aka trying to date a normie, can be hard and often frustration. It can be really hard to explain to someone why you love what you love, especially for nerds who often have hobbies and intrests that could be considered ‘childish’.

I’m not saying dating someone outside the geek circle is impossible, it can just be harder.

A growing trend at cons is the introduction of Geek Speed Dating.

The event first became popular at large American cons like Comic Con but the events were made even more popular after TLC aired the show ‘Geek Love’, which followed the experiences of one nerd per episode as they tried to find love at New York Comic Con. The show helped make Geek Speed Dating a popular event at many cons including Toronto Fan Expo, Anime North and Con-G.

Basically Speed Dating involves people sitting across from one another and engaging in 3 to 8 minute mini dates, which are basically just conversations. Throughout the event both parties write down who they like and if it’s a match you receive the other persons email address!

Most of the times Speed Dating is an 18+ event so you don’t have to worry about flirting with an underage geekling.

Geek Speed Dating is basically the same as any other form of speed dating except for the fact that everyone present are geeks!

But enough about what the event is. Now I am going to give some advice on what to do and not to do at Geek Speed Dating.

  • Dress Appropriately: Now is not the time to break out your t shirt with inappropriate imagery or slogans. Yes it can sometimes be a conversation starter but it may scare some people off or send out the wrong message. I’m not saying you need to wear a tux or an evening gown but look presentable. Make sure you are well groomed and
  • Keep the twins at home: I’m not saying you have to wear a turtleneck but ladies, wearing a low cut v-neck may make some guys nervous or other guys may prove to not really be interested in you for what you have to say when the twins are also on the date. Now is really not the time to break out your sexiest duds. Leave somethings to the imagination. This goes for guys as well. Showing up in a topless cosplay will get you attention but it may not be the attention you want.
  • Don’t tell them your life story: These are very quick dates so the other person really doesn’t need to know that you had a cat named Spot when you were 6. Only share the basics so then the other person has time to talk as well
  • Try not to interrupt: If you interrupt the other person too often, you may make them feel like what they are saying isn’t important or interesting. It’s okay to interrupt occasionally with comments like “Oh I like that too” or “Who is your favorite character” or even to ask questions but don’t interrupt to start your own story.
  • Don’t corner people later: Basically this means do not corner people later at the con to ask who they wrote on their sheet. It comes off as pushy.
  • Don’t question why someone likes what they like: This is just a general nerd rule, but it is especially important during speed dating
  • Be positive: If you go in there thinking its going to be a hopeless failure it will be. Go in with an open mind and know that not everyone will fall head over heels for you.
  • Understand that not everyone will like what you like: If you meet a guy or girl who doesn’t like what you like, don’t get too insulted or completely brush them off. You may have other things in common and you never know, you may convince them to go to the dark side.
  • Decent handshake: Kind of like an interview, a decent handshake is important. No one likes a limp-noodle handshake but no one likes getting their hand crushed either. At the same time, not everyone will offer you a handshake, but don’t take it as an insult.

If you at least try to follow my guidelines your bound to have a good time. You won’t always meet your soul mate but you will meet some great people!

Have fun my geeky darlings!




Crazy People you May Meet at a Con

So today I will be talking about some of the strange people you can meet at conventions, both anime and comic book.

NOTE: These are very tongue and cheek

The Oldies Lover: These are the guys and gals who complain about all of the new series of animes and manga. They also complain and mope about the way cons have changed and oftentimes are the biggest purists when it comes what should be cosplayed at anime conventions.

Advice when running into them: Don’t take them too seriously, they are kind of like your grandparents and just like reminiscing. All of us will act like this at some point or another.

How not to respond to them: Argue with them

The overly-serious Lolita: Most Lolitas are lovely-jubbly people but you will run into a few who spazz the hell out when you call their co-ord a ‘costume’. Why do they do this? Lolita is really a fashion more than a costume, think of it like a formal outfit like a gown with most girls only wearing the dresses for special occasions.

Advice when running into them: Apologize and explain you didn’t know, most of them will calm down pretty easily. If they continue to freak, say you have to go and leave – FAST!

How not to respond to them: Don’t get mad at them or accuse them and try to make your point about it being a costume. It is (a) rude and (b) only cause problems.

The Pick-up Line Loser: These are the girls and guys who tend to attend cons purely to find a one-night stand. I find these types are particularly common around the Raves and tend to gravitate towards the girls in skin bearing outfits (or school girls) or the shirtless guys.

A big thing to note about this type is not all of them are bad people. Some of them are just taking a shot to see if it works, they are not TRYING to be douchebags.

Advice when running into them: This one is easy, ignore them. If they persist, and I mean REALLY persist, get con security.

How not to respond to them: Don’t overact right away, some of them may just try it once and then leave you alone. Not all of them are really douche bags.

The Rabid Fangirl/boy: We all know the type, these are the people who are freakishly obsessed with a particular character or series. They buy everything and anything about the character and can produce screams that can break glass when they encounter cosplayers of the series they like. Their obsession sets them apart from regular fans.

Advice when running into them: Back away slooooowly

How not to respond to them: Do not argue the merits of the characters or try to cause drama by saying the character sucks

The Obsessive Shippers: Everyone has something they ship, whether it be canon, yaoi, yuri, cross-genre or implied. However some shippers will fight, bitch or generally spazz out when you disagree with their chosen ships. At the extreme, they will yell at anyone who ships something different or even get into fights. These people rule over areas of Tumblr and are often present at photoshoots or fanfic panels.

Advice when running into them: Just smile and nod while slowly backing away

How not to respond to them: Like the Rapid Fangirl, do not start drama by arguing with them

The Yaoi Psycho: Most Yaoi fans are great people but you will run into a few who have bats in the belfry as well as the rest of the house. Often younger in age this type of fan will accuse you of being homophobic if you don’t like yaoi and spazz at the simple mention of a non-yaoi shipping.

Advice when running into them: Haul ass out of there

How not to respond to them: Do not argue their choice in pairing or their taste in yaoi

The Put together in 5-minutes cosplayer: Okay, so there is NOTHING wrong with closet cosplay, they can be fun. HOWEVER some of the ones you may run into will act like their outfit is the shit and expect the same amount of attention that someone who spent months on it receive. Luckily they are pretty rare. It can be noted that this type of cosplay is particularly common amongst people trying to create genderbent cosplays or Naruto sexy-n0-jutsu’s.

Advice when running into them: Take their antics with a grain of salt, they are just having fun. If they start to annoy you too much, just leave.

How not to respond to them: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, point out that they are just a closet cosplayers! It will PISS THEM OFF!

The Way too in character cosplayer: These are the cosplayers who take  ‘being in character’ waaaay to seriously. Whether it be acting like an ass when dressed like Karkat or flirting way too much when dressed like Sanji. It’s okay to be in character but you have to do it in moderation.

Advice when running into them: First step would be to just shrug it off, but if you get too uncomfortable just leave. If they continue to bother you, tell them off politely and then go from there.

How not to respond to them:  Don’t make fun of them of them OR encourage them too much

The 4chaner: Also known as ‘the drama llama’. These are the people who deliberately attend events purely to cause problems or bring up social justice topics like ‘no POC in Frozen’ and the like.

Advice when running into them: First rule is to ignore them. They are attention whores first and foremost and oftentimes if you ignore them their ego will pop and they will go away. If they proceed to act like douche nozzles get help from the con staff.

How not to respond to them: Just don’t encourage them

The Make-it-yourself Elitist: These are the people who bitch out anyone who has the gall to buy their cosplays. Some of them will only spazz if you buy just your costume, others will freak if you even buy a wig

Advice when running into them: Shrug them off, they are just drama llamas

How not to respond to them: Do not start arguing with them, it will only cause drama

Avoid these people at cons and once again, this is not really to be taken seriously, though you may run into some people like the ones I have listed above

Bad Blogger is Bad – and Brief Update

oij53AbI am the worst blogger ever! I have been so busy with school that I have been neglecting my tales of nerd dom!


I will be posting another blog today but first I will do a brief life update!

Okay, so first off I FINALLY decided on my big cosplay for Anime North 2014! This year was brutally hard deciding since I have not been watching a lot of Anime and I tend to read Manga that has very, not cosplay fun clothing.index

For awhile I was actually thinking about cosplaying a Twi’lek from Star Wars and investing in a pair of Lekku (the species head tails) but I realized that would be too expensive.

Anywho, after a LOT of thinking and searching I finally settled on the decision of cosplaying as a Scholar from Ragnarok Online!

The great thing about Ragnarok Online is that because it is an online game I can customize my character the way I want to. That includes the wig and random accessories. I have not decided on a wig yet but I am thinking about wearing elf ears as my accessory.

Team_Rocket_Grunts_artworkIn other news, Con-G is this coming weekend so you lovelies will be getting a con update about that with a LOT of pictures since I am doing a full page on the Con for my school newspaper.

This year I will actually be staying AT the con since it is Con-G’s last year so I will be attending a LOT of panels as well as the masquerade and speed dating.

For Con-G I will be cosplaying as a Team Rocket Grunt, though I will not have the proper boots or gloves and I intend on wearing tights cause it is DAMN COLD IN CANADA! I will also be wearing a black cat kigurumi!

Well that’s all for now but later on today I shall be talking about Geeky Speed Dating!