30 Day Anime Challenge: Favorite attack someone used in an anime

Man do I ever suck at keeping up with this 30 Day Challenge! I swear wordpress does not want me to finish this thing, but I shall prevail!

Anywho, so today’s topic is what is my favorite attack I have ever seen someone use in an anime and like the last day of the challenge, this one proved to be a little hard for me to narrow down because I don’t watch that style of anime.

I cannot use anyone from Higurashi because the attacks are not named, they are just swinging a weapons and that is pretty much the same in every other anime I watch.

Therefore I had to go a little goofy with this situation and decided to literally go with an ‘attack’. So without a doubt my favorite attack I have ever seen in an anime is …

That’s right I have chosen the super effective, and highly annoying attack, ‘Sing’ as used by Jigglypuff in the original Pokemon anime.

As soon as Jigglypuff showed up in the anime I knew it was going to be hilarious and I really looked forward to any time this adorable little puff appeared.

I know it is really not a ‘serious’ attack like the ones most people are likely using for this portion of the challenge but hey I am not a super serious person and I just don’t watch the animes with the crazy named attacks. I find those attacks to be just way too ridiculous and overly designed.

Simple is best in my opinion and nothing is quite as simple as an adorable pink puff singing people too sleep. Sooo cute!


Next up find out which moment in an anime really shocked me … oh this is going to be easy.


Easy Convention Outfit Ideas

With Fan Expo fast approaching I have geek fashion on my mind!

I never cosplay to Fan Expo, the reason of which I will be explaining in a later post, so instead I like to put together a really geeky outfit and that is the topic of today’s post: How to put together a great geeky outfit for a convention.

You can, of course, wear whatever you want to a convention but in my humble opinion there is a time and a place for every kind of outfit and a convention is not the place to wear something, for say, work or going to a downtown club.

Whether geeks like to admit it or not we are really actually quite snooty about what other people wear to a convention. We see a girl in a really ‘normal’ outfit and we assume that she was dragged there by her girlfriend. A guy in a club-esque wear or not having a hint of geeky swag on him, he is only here to hit on ‘easy geeky girls’.

Is it fair? No. Is it true? Hell yes.

So to make things a little easier I have created a list of different style of outfits you could put together for going to a convention and all of them require item that you likely already own!

Do’s in a con outfit

Show off your fandom: Comic books, video games, TV shows, whatever you love can be easily shown in a geeky outfit for a con. Pair a great geeky shirt with a great skirt and boom geeky outfit! Just completely wear your fandom on your sleeve with an outfit entirely based around whatever you love!

Superman Outfit

Make an outfit based on your favorite character: Disney bounding has become wickedly popular at Disneyland and is even starting to spill over into everyday life and the basic idea of it can be easily applied to a convention outfit. Consider the basics of the character like how DC’s Penguin wears a lot of black and white and Marvel’s Emma Frost wears all white.Untitled #17

Wear an average outfit with epic makeup: This is actually what I plan on doing for Fan Expo. Basically I am wearing a pinup girl style dress and doing either spider or creepy doll themed makeup. This version of an outfit is really awesome if you do not necessarily own any geeky apparel and would rather wear something you already own. Check out Pinterest or Tumblr for great makeup ideas.

Wear an average outfit with geeky accessories: This one is kind of a combination of the first one and the third. Basically you can wear whatever you want but then add some great geeky accessories like a necklace and earrings or great geeky hair accessories like a bow, hair band or hair clip.

Using geeky accessories helps you fit in by showing off your fandom but also gives you the opportunity to start a conversation! You would be amazed by the amount of friendships made from “Hey I love your Batman necklace”.

Con Outfit Warnings

Think about shoes: Conventions involve a LOT of walking and standing so pay attention

Don’t force your outfit on people: This is especially important for the outfits based on characters. This is not a cosplay, it is just an outfit so do not expect people to treat you like a cosplayer while wearing it.

Be careful with showing too much skin: A lot of cons have dress codes and these codes apply to both cosplayers AND normal congoers. You may be asked to change or cover up if a con staff sees something wrong with your outfit. Is it fair. No not really considering what some people get away with in costume. But will it happen? Very likely.

Pay attention to the weather: Conventions are pretty much always warm. There are a lot of people in a small space and that means things get warm! Consider that when putting together an outfit. For winter cons, layering is always a good idea since it may be cold outside but it will be hot inside!

You don’t have to cosplay at a convention to have fun but dressing in at least a geeky manner will help you feel like

30 Day Anime Challenge: Favorite weapon, gear or armor used in an anime

So for today’s challenge I had to talk about my favorite weapon, gear or armor used in anime. Here is a little fact about me – I don’t usually watch anime with ‘weapons’ since I tend to prefer psychological animes which attack peoples emotions not bodies.

That left me with very few options but at the same time it got me thinking. What would I be more afraid of? A magical or alien made creation in a fantasy setting or an item that can be used in my world? The REAL world!

That made things a lot easier for me and ultimately I settled on a tie between two weapons from the same series …

1293930366_9540_full n515ba830a6dc9







Rena Ryugu’s cleaver and Keiichi Maebara’s baseball bat both from Higurshi no Naku Koro Ni. Yes these weapons seem really mundane and were even found in mundane locations, the cleaver is from the dump and the bat is from the classroom, and that is what makes them so epic to me.

Both of these characters took completely mundane objects and turned them into weapons filled with murderous intent and to me that is 1000 times more scary then any other weapon I have seen in the animes I have watched. A real world object used for destruction. That is pretty epic in my mind.

I really have very little to say about these weapons other than that.

tumblr_meipfbCcEI1qm9z16o1_500 tumblr_mokexvzNyI1qbvovho4_500

Tommorow I look at my favorite attack used in an anime … aww man.

30 Day Anime Challenge: Favorite Goofy Anime Character

Wow what a great question to answer on my first day back on this challenge!

This question is INSANELY easy for me as I really only watch one goofy anime. I am very rarely a fan of comedy animes as I find something always gets lost in translation and that takes away from the enjoyment of the comedic aspects.

Back on full topic though the only anime I actually watch so choosing one character is really REALLY easy!

So my favorite goofy anime character is ….


Shinnosuke Nohara, better known as Shin-chan is the titualar character of Crayon Shin-chan. Shin is your average kindergarten aged boy who loves action figures, playing with his friends, dropping his pants at inappropriate times, avoiding chores and making his poor mom Misae’s life pure hell.

Okay I know a lot of purest anime fans find this show to be absolutely horrible and an embarrasment to anime but I think people just don’t get it. It is not supposed to be taken seriously, it is just a crazy little show about a crazy little kid.

I can’t help but laugh my head off at Shin. Yes I would likely kill him in real life but his antics just can’t help but make me laugh and that can be really handy when you are stressing over school or something like that.

Shin is fun, crude, a total brat and occasionally really caring and I just can’t help but love this kid.


BTW I have the unnatural talent of imitating Shin’s English voice. It is quite fun and a little weird.

Tomorrow find out what my favorite weapon, gear, or armor used in an anime is! Hmm I better get thinking …


Finally Fixed WordPress!

Hello my geeky darlings!

I am so sorry that I have been gone so long but WordPress has been being a total butt and absolutely refused to let me post anything I wrote.

It finally appears as though I finally fixed it however, though to be honest I really have no idea HOW I did so.

Ah well, never look a gift horse in the mouth my ducks!

Anyway, coming up in my blogverse is the continuation of the Anime challenge, why I do not cosplay to Fan Expo, Fan Expo vs. Anime North, and what to wear to a con when you don’t cosplay!