Belated Con-G Review

Hello my readers!1974985_582089051878403_1707104324_n

Sorry I have not been blogging much, school has been driving me mad with how busy I am! Ah the joy of trying to survive my graduating year.

Anyway, here is my seriously belated Con-G review!

Background of Con-G

Sunday Feb. 23, marked the final day of the non-profit fan-run convention Con-G, of which the dragon Kon was the mascot. Fans, volunteers and vendors alike climbed back out of the rabbit hole and into the real world after a final weekend filled with as much colour as the wildest parade and the warmth of the closest of family gatherings.

Con-G was initially created to be Japanese comics and cartoons, known as manga and anime, convention but it ended up expanding to include almost all forms of nerd culture.

Along with its genre change, Con-G has also moved three times since its first weekend in Feb. 2009. The first weekend was held at the Ramada Conference Centre in Guelph but it ended up moving three more times since 2009, with its final year taking place at the Delta Guelph Hotel and Conference Center which proved to be a much more solid location for the growing crowd.

My Review

Con-G is a very lazy sort of con for me, meaning I do very little stressing and a lot of simply wandering about. For the final year my mom and dad got my sister and I a hotel room at the Delta for the finale of the event.

Friday was pretty easy-osey and we went and watched the AMV contest thing as well as the opening ceremony, which was pretty dull for lack of a better term.

1780917_582093328544642_1953045628_nWe did some spastic romping about (aka nothing noteworthy) had dinner and then I participated in Geek Speed Dating which was yawn-worthy as hell.

I participate more so to meet new people, not to find a boyfriend but this year I was lucky enough to end up instead with a stalker, yay me.

Memo to my nerdlings: if they act creepy, they are.

I ended up sleeping very poorly that night so on Saturday I actually took a three hour nap during the day. After that I romped some more and then my sister and I went and watched the masquerade aka ‘How Many Frozen Cosplays can Get Into One Event?’

Time for a complaint: My sister and I lined up early to get good seats but instead we ended up in the middle of the seat aisles while people who lined up later got front row! Totally unfair!

Cue a party in the hotel room, aka we watched Just for Laughs and Simpsons, and then Sunday which was very easy-osey and we left by noon.

Final Review

Overall the finale of Con-G was okay. I think this con proved the importance of loving your cosplay to me as I chose to not wear a more elaborate costume and therefore did not enjoy the usual cosplay craziness.

Will I miss the con now that it is gone? Yes. It was a nice wee con that proved to be a good distraction in the cold, con-less months. I will miss having a con like that.