Friday Favorites: Pumpkins everywhere!

TGIF my dear readers! Not only does this mark the start of a Halloween themed weekend for me (going to see the il_570xN.832279338_iuitGoosebumps movie AND checking out Spirit Halloween) but it also marks another set of Friday Favorites!

Keeping in theme with the season, this collection of items is going to be themed around pumpkins! I love pumpkins! The shape, the colour, everything you can do with them, they are just the epitome of fall for me.

1.) Pumpkin Snowglobe Necklace

A fall snowglobe is just a great idea to me. Leaves falling instead of snow? Sign me up! While looking for something of this ilk on Etsy, I ended up finding a particularly adorable necklace. I love it’s vintage appeal and I will likely end up picking this item up sooner or il_570xN.848601595_o27slater.

2.) Pumpkin Spice Latte Sweater

Yes I am one of those stereotypical white girls who likes Pumpkin Spice Lattes in the fall. To be frank I like pumpkin flavored everything. I am also one of those girls who likes baggy sweaters as long as they have cute prints

tumblr_nt155xSRFk1u8mkwgo4_12803.) Cat Pumpkin Bed

My family owns three lovely cats, two black and one white. Each of them likes to sleep in their own separate areas. My cat Duchess, the white one, sleeps in boxes (preferably ones that are two small); Gideon sleeps on people (if they move – God help them); finally Iggy, likes to sleep in a comfy pumpkin shaped bed from Pet Smart.il_570xN.811601513_kkyr

4.) Glass Pumpkins

When I have my own home in the future, I plan on decorating the hell out of it for different seasons. My family used to do something along the lines of il_570xN.841018988_5thzthis when I was younger but I found that as everyone got older, decorating for everything but Christmas and Halloween at my Dad’s, was pushed to the wayside. These adorable Glass Pumpkins would be an adorable fall decorating piece … or all year. I DO like pumpkins.

5.) Halloween Pumpkin Scarf

It is a scarf with pumpkins on them … what else is there to say?

Next Friday we will be taking a look at Black Cat themed items to continue the Halloween Friday Favorite theme!


Friday Favorites: Bring on the Bats!

*NOTE this was supposed to be posted yesterday BUT internet issues pushed it back to today*

Today marks the very first of my newly planned ‘Friday Favorite’ segment. The basic idea behind these posts will be me taking a look at particular items (clothing, jewellery or anything else that catches my eye) all that are based on a particular theme or topic. So one week I may do stuff related to a series like Batman, while others will be based on an idea like ‘Steampunk’ or ‘Retro’.

This first post though is going to be about one of my favorite animals – the bat! I love these flying foxes of doom! They are just so cute and misunderstood.

batscarf1.) Bat Scarf
For any of my dear readers who live in Canada, or know anything about Canada, then you will know that here in Canada it tends to be cold from about mid-October (or earlier) all the way through to April. That means us canucks need scarves! For me this scarf takes the form of an adorable purple bat scarf! This particular item was found on Etsy, though sadly the creator no longer has them available.

2.) Bat Hooded Dress85311a
Last year at Spirit Halloween I spotted an adorable. I was reluctant to buy it though as I was unsure about the quality so I didn’t buy it and maaaan do I regret it! It is such a cute little outfit that I would happily wear around the house or even casually at a convention. Thankfully it is available again this year so I plan on snatching it up!

sp_green_bats_sewater_1square3.) Sourpuss Batty Sweater
It is no secret that I love Sourpuss clothing. They have great prices on items that really fit my gothy-retro fashion choices. My first ever purchase found me leaving with two items: this gorgeous flowey top that is no longer available and my Sourpuss Batty Sweater Black. Super warm with a great v-neck neckline, this shirt is a staple in my cooler weather wardrobe

4.) Sourpuss Bat Necklacesp_bat_necklace_1
In my humble opinion, do wardrobe is complete without a bat necklace, so one of these had to be on my list. This particular bat necklace is once again from Sourpuss clothing, though really it is pretty to find adorable bat necklaces

__575.) Batty Beanie Baby
It was only fair that the final item on this list was the stuffed animal who started my obsession with bats. Presenting Batty from the TY Beanie Baby collection. Batty actually comes in two sizes, the regular small Beanie Baby size and a larger one, I have the larger version!