Geeks and Jocks: Not so different after all

It is a well known fact that geeks and jocks don’t get along. A geek to a jock is pretty much like a cat to a dog but whether we like it or not we really do have a lot in common. Essentially we both spend large amounts of money on our fandom, in the case of jocks that would be their team of choice, and we both get really excited for certain times of the years.

We really do have more in common than we like to admit.

But why am I talking about this? Simple, I saw a lot of baseball fans heading to a game when I was at Fan Expo and I keep seeing an add for a site called Fanatics ( and it got me thinking about a Baseball based outfit that still shows a team yet remains very girly.

So my first step was to choose a team, which was pretty easy considering the site has a search team option, but there really is only one Canadian baseball team: the Toronto Blue Jays.

Considering that fact, it was pretty damn easy too create a seven piece (eight if you include the hat) based around the hat of my choice. So here it is, my cool weather outfit based entirely around a Toronto Blue Jays knit hat.

Toronto Blue Jays

Anyway, so my outfit is heavily based around the strange early cold weather we have here in Canada and my eternal need to always wear a very feminine outfit no matter where I am. I ended up choosing a knit hat (or toque as us Canadians like to call them) because frankly I look like the worlds biggest derp when I wear baseball hats.

I promise my next post will be back to my regularly scheduled geekitude.